Often copied but never equaled, the Bosch 1617 revolutionized the mid-size fixed-base router category: designed for a broad range of routing applications. The versatile 1617 was the first router in its class to have a 2.0 (Max.) horsepower rating, linear depth adjustment and numerous other routing innovations the powerful 11 Amp motor with its rated speed of 25,000 RPM handles tough routing jobs. The unit’s RA1161 fixed base features a quick-clamp system for fast, tool-free depth adjustments, and its linear microfine bit-depth adjustment system allows for accurate depth adjustment over the depth range of 1-5/8 inch. because the motor isn’t rotated during depth adjustment, (as it is on dated depth adjustment systems on many older routers), the horizontal location of the bit within the subwoofer or optional Templet guides remains unchanged. Moreover, if necessary, this precision centering design allows the sub-base or optional template guides to be re-centered around the bit, making it easy to keep the bit on the intended cutting-line when using guidance devices such as jigs and templates. For router table usage, the RA1161 includes threaded table-mounting holes in both the Bosch 4-hole pattern and the common 3-hole pattern. The base’s advanced bit-height adjustment system allows you to conveniently adjust the bit height from above the router table.


  • 1/4″ S. R. Collet Chuck — 2 610 906 283
  • 1/2″ S. R. Collet Chuck — 2 610 906 284
  • 16mm Shaft Wrench — 2 610 991 388
  • 24mm Collet Nut Wrench — 2 610 992 417
  • Chip Shield– 2 610 991 389
  • Fixed Base (RA1161)


  • 2 HP/11 Amp motor 25,000 RPM
  • Precision centering design – makes it easy to keep bit on intended outline when using jigs, templates, dovetail fixtures and similar guidance devices
  • Macro and microfine bit depth adjustment system with resettable depth indicator – for fast, precise depth adjustment
  • Large 3-3/4 In. base opening plus 2 In. subwoofer opening – accepts large bits
  • Right or left switch location – for user preference and consistency (motor does not rotate during depth adjustment)
  • One-piece armature shaft – for accuracy and long bit shank capacity
  • 10 Ft. flexible rubber cord
  • Classic hardwood handles – for comfort and beauty
  • Now includes RA1161 fixed-base with system for adjusting bit height from above a router table
  • T-handle adjustment wrench sold separately
  • Fixed base has threaded holes for mounting to router table positioned in common 3-hole pattern
  • Power switch – now includes dust-sealed power switch
  • Compatible with optional RA1129 Template Guide Adapter Set – for easy change of Bosch quick-release template guides and common threaded template guides; includes RA1126 Template Guide Adapter and RA1100 Interface for Threaded Template Guides


Amperage 11.0
Base Diameter 6″
Base Opening 3-3/4″
Collet Capacity 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 8 mm
Dust Collection No
Fixed-Base Depth Range 1-5/8″
Length 6.0″
No Load RPM 25,000
Rating 120V AC
Subbase Opening 2″
Voltage 120V
Weight 8.3lb
Width 10.0″
Works With Router Tables
RA1171 Cabinet-Style Router Table, RA1181 Router Table, RA1165 Router Table Base, RA1152 Offset Bit-Change Wrench Set T-Wrench

Router Guide

Template Guide System
RA1128 Template Guide Set, RA1129 Template Guide Adapter Set,

Centering Device for Subbases and Attached Template Guides

Dust Collection Attachments
RA1175 Edge-forming Dust Hood, RA1172AT Two-Hood Dust Hood Set, RA1173AT Three-Hood Dust Hood Set

Plunge Base

Includes 1/4″ S. R. Collet Chuck — 2 610 906 283, 1/2″ S. R. Collet Chuck — 2 610 906 284, 16mm Shaft Wrench — 2 610 991 388, 24mm Collet Nut Wrench — 2 610 992 417, Chip Shield– 2 610 991 389, Fixed Base (RA1161)