Like the other Exact machines, it is extremely safe and easy to use as a result of the well-designed mechanics. The machine is portable and can be easily carried to where the cuts need to be done. You can cut steel pipes with a wall thickness of (up to) 20 mm and 50 mm for plastics. All other pipe materials are suitable to be cut as well. Suitable on pipe diameters 100 – 460 mm. The incredibly strong motor along with other features and patented gripping unit makes a real timesaver on the worksite, boosting productiveness and leaving more time for other work.

Our over 20 years of expertise in developing pipe cutting and finishing tools has resulted in probably the most advanced pipe cutting systems ever made. Tens of thousands of worldwide users guarantee this, as our machines provide a unique, superior solution (compared to former methods) for pipe cutting of small to medium-large pipes.

Pipe cutting has never been this easy, fast, and safe.

Much stronger 2500W 230V / 2200W 110V motor.
Electronics protecting the motor from overload and “traffic lights” guiding the operator.
Laser indicator for precise cutting.
Improved adjustment mechanism for straight cutting.
Fine adjusted to high-end quality.
Professional quality – Made in EU.

Cuts steel pipes with wall thickness up to 20 / 15 mm.

Pipe Ø (OD) 100 mm – 460 mm
(4”- 18”)

Wall thickness 20 mm (0.8”) steel / 230V
15 mm (0.59″) steel / 110V
50 mm (2”) plastics

Cuts the following pipe materials
Steel, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, multi-layered materials and
all plastics