This compact 4-1/2″ high speed WET grinder is designed for maximum material removal of concrete or natural stone. With its 8,300 RPM and 7.8 AMP motor, it is the fastest WET grinder in the market. It is intended for all heavy duty stone grinding applications (bulk material removal, edge breaking, coarse grinding of uneven surfaces and polish preparation work).

  • Quick-action, brass coupling: for 1/2″ lego connector for water hoses
  • Tool fixture: 5/8-11 UNC spindle thread
  • Quality shut-off carbon brushes: protects the motor against damage
  • Carbon holder covers: to protect the carbons from water and dirt
  • Transmission: well sized and especially robust
  • GFCI operator protector circuit breaker: integrated in cord
  • Central and external water feed
  • 360° adjustable aluminum safety guard with integrated rubber splash skirt

NOTE: The LW1509 is not intended for use with Diamond Cup Wheels


Max. disc diameter 4-1/2″
Speed, without load 8,300 RPM
Power input 7.1 AMP
Power output 500 Watts
Weight 4.8 lbs