Uniweld’s RFABNF are non-filtered regulator flashback arrestors with a “B” 9/16″-18 connection. A flashback is a momentary or sustained retrogression of the flame upstream of the mixer usually in the torch or hoses. This is a potentially hazardous situation, particularly if the flame reaches the hoses where an explosion may result causing a rupture or separation of the hose. A flashback arrestor is a device that helps prevent the propagation of a flame upstream. Uniweld’s RFA and TFA arrestors have inlet filters to prevent dust, dirt, and other contaminants larger than 100 microns from entering the system, thus providing longer unit service. Uniweld’s RFANF and TFANF series arrestors do not have filters, but will still extinguish flashbacks while providing initial cost savings.Note: this device reduces the volume of gases available at the tip/nozzle.

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