Uniweld’s RHT8017 is a medium / heavy duty, two stage hydrogen regulator with a machined brass body and chrome plated bonnet. The RHT8017 contains two tri-layered reinforced neoprene diaphragms with the first stage at 1-5/8 inches and the second stage at 2 inches. A gold painted steel, single scale, 2 inch diameter, 0-4000 PSI Content Gauge (Part No. G7S) and 0-200 PSI Delivery Gauge (Part No. G4S) allow you to monitor pressure flowing through the regulator. The RHT8017 has a CGA350 inlet connection, a “B” Left Hand 9/16 inch -18 Male outlet connection, and a delivery pressure of 5-125 PSI. The regulator also includes an externally serviceable pressure relief device (PRD) which protects the regulator. The PRD is not designed to protect the downstream equipment. Since hydrogen is flammable, this regulator must be used outside in open air and not in an enclosed space. If used in an enclosed space, the PRD must be vented to outside open air. Uniweld two stage regulators are used where steady delivery pressure is required over a range of decreasing cylinder inlet pressure. Delivery pressure will remain constant until inlet pressure is nearly depleted. Made in U.S.A.

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