Uniweld’s 40055 Nitrogen Sludge Sucker Maintenance Kit is a multi-purpose kit designed to meet many needs in the HVAC/R industry. The 40055 can be used in blowing off coils with the Sludge Sucker® Blowgun, or cleaning condensate drain lines with the Sludge Blaster®. Cleaning a condensate drain line is easy with the use of a Sludge Sucker or Sludge Blaster. The Sludge Sucker is a tool that was developed to clean out a condensate drain line without having to access the drain pan located in the A/C System’s Air Handler. The Sludge Sucker’s clear vinyl hose is attached to the 3/4 Inch PVC condensate drain line on the outside of the building. With the use of Nitrogen or CO2, water suction is created that pulls all the sludge and algae from the drain pan and drain line. Kit Includes: RHP400 Nitrogen Regulator, 40000 Sludge Sucker®, 40061 Sludge Blaster®, 40048 Needle Tip, 40050 1/2″ Rubber Plug, 40022 3/4″ Rubber Plug, BG1 Blowgun, 40045 Air Chuck, H2SSM 2ft. hose, and H5SMBY 5ft. hose.

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