The TruTool S 250 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V is the first shear with rechargeable battery, which cuts sheet thicknesses of 2.5 mm in mild steel and 1.5 mm in stainless steel. The robust machine is your perfect companion for daily use. You can work quickly and precisely and always have an unrestricted view of the work surface and cutting line. The machine also cuts well in curves: With minimum radii of 20 mm, you can achieve excellent performance on curves with it. For example, with the 2 Ah rechargeable battery you can therefore cut up to approx. 62 meters in mild steel and a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm.

  • Long service life – Low operating costs as a result of the 4-way cutter rotation.
  • Uniquely powerful – The first shear with rechargeable battery for cutting mild steel up to 2.5 mm and stainless steel up to 1.5 mm.
  • The perfect combination – The rechargeable battery achieves a runtime that is up to 60% longer due to the Power-Head-Technology and brushless motor.
  • For comfortable operation – A soft grip ensures low-vibration machine control. The machine is thereby extremely compact and light.


Maximum sheet thicknesses
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 400 N/mm² 2.5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 600 N/mm² 2 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 800 N/mm² 1.5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminum up to 250 N/mm² 3 mm
Smallest radius 28 mm
Working Speed 4 m/min – 7 m/min
Idle run stroke rate 1300 RPM
Starting hole diameter 20 mm
Voltage 18 V
Weight (with 2 Ah rechargable battery) 2.5 kg
Weight (with 4 Ah rechargable battery) 2.8 kg