With the TruTool TPC 165 panel cutter, you can cut sandwich panels up to a thickness of 6.5 inches. The insertion mechanism of the blade enables the production of accurate, perpendicular interior cutouts and notches, all in just one press operation.

  • Perpendicular cuts – Swiveling 90° blade, well-suited for perpendicular cutouts with a depth of up to 6.5 inches.
  • Unique – With the insertion mechanism, you can start at any position on the panels.
  • Quick processing in one press operation – You can cut the upper and lower sheets in one press operation, without the need for rework. This is done at a working speed of up to 13 feet per minute.
  • Compact and light – The TruTool TPC 165 weighs just 21 lbs., based on a sheet design that is both stable and light.


Panel Cutters
Max. panel thickness 165 mm
Max. individual material thickness for steel up to 400 N/mm² 0.9 mm
Insulation material Polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate foam
Smallest possible opening by piercing 340 mm x 340 mm
Working Speed 4 m/min
Cutting track width 4 mm
Nominal power consumption 1400 W
Weight without cable 9.6 kg