Uniweld’s KM350 “All-American” is a medium duty oxyacetylene outfit designed for cutting, welding, and brazing. The All-American has a cutting capacity of 1/2 inch and a welding capacity of 1/8 inch with supplied tips. Capabilities can be expanded with other tips and accessories purchased separately. Included in the All American are: (1) WH350 Welding Handle, (1) CA350 Cutting Attachment, (1) 3-101-0 Cutting Tip, (1) Type13-2 Weld/Braze Tip, (1) MR8210 Medium Duty Oxygen Regulator with CGA540 inlet connection, (1) MR8211 Medium Duty Acetylene Regulator with CGA510 inlet connection, (1) H31B 20 ft. 1/4 inch “B” connection twin hose, (1) WG53 Safety Goggles with Flip -Up Type Shade #5 Lenses, and (1) FL34 Flint Lighter. Made in U.S.A.

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