Uniweld’s OPH1-780A “Roughneck” is a complete super heavy duty oxyacetylene outfit for cutting, welding, brazing, and heating. The Roughneck offers a cutting capacity of 3/4 inch and a welding capacity of 1/2 inch with supplied tips. Capabilities can be expanded with other tips and accessories purchased separately. Included in the Roughneck are: (1) WH360 Welding Handle, (1) 780A Cutting Attachment, (1) 1-101-1 Cutting Tip, (1) Type4-1 Weld/Braze Tip, (1) Type4-3 Weld/Braze Tip, (1) Type4-5 Weld/Braze Tip, (1) Type11-8 Heating Tip, (1) RV8010 Heavy Duty Oxygen Regulator with stainless steel diaphragm and CGA540 inlet connection, (1) RV8011 Heavy Duty Acetylene Regulator with stainless steel diaphragm and CGA510 inlet connection, (1) H43B 25 ft. 1/4 inch “B” connection twin hose, (1) WG53 Safety Goggles with Flip -Up Type Shade #5 Lenses, and (1) FL34 Flint Lighter. Made in U.S.A.

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