The TruTool N 500 offers unique versatility. Since you can cut in four directions, even backwards, you can dismantle tanks and containers, and process coils and workpieces with bends of up to 90°. The machine is also well-suited to cutting high-tensile materials. The optimal weight/performance ratio of 8.8 lbs. against a sheet thickness of 0.2 in. is particularly impressive.

  • 4 cutting directions – The machine can be turned through 360° in 4 steps of 90°.
  • Rectangular punch with flexibility for profiles – Ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas, for cuts across edges and weld seams.
  • Minimal force required – You work without feed force and, therefore, required force is reduced to a minimum.
  • Variable speed – You can use the speed controller to adjust the working speed to suit the individual cutting task (not available für the US version).


Maximum sheet thicknesses
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 400 N/mm² 5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 600 N/mm² 3.2 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 800 N/mm² 2.5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminum up to 250 N/mm² 7 mm
Smallest radius 90 mm
Working Speed 1.5 m/min
Stroke rate with nominal load 720 RPM
Starting hole diameter 41 mm
Nominal power consumption 1400 W
Weight without cable 4 kg